Introduction Tutorial

Design:  Complete Overview, Importing, Setup Mode, Animations, Tools, etc...

Code:     Complete Overview, Exporting Code, Integration in Xcode, Techniques etc...

In this first tutorial we will go over all the basics by creating a simple trash can UI element with simple animations.

Each tutorial will come in 2 parts. A video that is designer oriented, for creating the project using Core Animator, and another video that is developer oriented for integrating the Core Animator project successfully into Xcode.

The source files can be downloaded by clicking the image next to the tutorial (i.e. the trash can icon to the right)


Stickman "walk cycle" tutorial

Design:   "Key All" feature overview.

Code:      How to let a user "scrub" through an animation timeline.

In this tutorial we will look at how to create a character walk cycle that loops. We will explore the "key all" feature to help create our animations. In the developer implementation, we will show you how to implement it such that the user can manually "scrub" through the animation cycle.


Garden Guardian "Character App" Tutorial

Design:   Grouping Organization

Code:      App implementation of several animations.

In this tutorial we will look at how to create a Character that has several associated animations.


Custom Pull to Refresh Spinner Tutorial

Design:   Spinner animation timing and tips

Code:      Implementing the spinner in a list view

In this tutorial we will look at how to create a custom refresh spinner animation and implement it into your apps.


Plane "full game" tutorial

Design:   Animating Image Source and Z-Ordering

Code:      Full Game style implementation

In this tutorial we will look at how to create a series of animations that quickly enable an entire iOS game to be created!


Dynamic Content Cards

How to use dynamic content inside of animated views.


UI Buttons

This tutorial shows how to make a UIButton from an element from your Core Animator project. This technique is used to create an animated title screen. An example of incorporating an animated splash screen is also included.


Live record

Quickly make nuanced organic complex animations in real time. Just record it!

Code Snippet

Re-use a code snippet to apply the same animation to various UI elements.


Now you can easily harness the power of masking in an intuitive visual way.